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Sea cucumber liquid nitrogen quick freezer

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Product Name:Sea cucumber liquid nitrogen quick freezer


Sea cucumber liquid nitrogen quick freezer

Sea cucumber liquid nitrogen quick freezer

1、Equipment composition:

u  Main body of equipment - including box body, door and insulation layer made of AISI 304 stainless steel;
u  Inner Surface Roughness-Wire Drawing Treatment;
u  Insulation material - insulation layer is a multi-layer composite structure of ultra-low temperature insulation material in Basf, Germany; double-sided stainless steel polyurethane foams under high pressure, with good thermal insulation performance, easy cleaning, ensuring food hygiene and safety, avoiding excessive proliferation and breeding of microorganisms.
u   Door body seal - double seals, special low temperature resistant silicone rubber imported from France, door seals are equipped with anti-freeze heating system, which can ensure that the door opens freely.
u  The box body is strengthened and strengthened, which can reliably bear the weight of the workpiece. The special design can ensure that the air flow in the box is not blocked and the temperature in the box is consistent.
u  The introduction of HACCP concept of health and safety, all stainless steel internal structure and enclosure structure fully consider the convenience of cleaning, maintenance, management, easy to operate, fully meet the hygienic and safety requirements of food for equipment.
u  Reasonable overhaul door and overhaul passage for easy overhaul and internal cleaning
u  Hydration frost is used to ensure the cleanliness and hygiene of liquid nitrogen atomization system and avoid bacterial reproduction.
u  The tray-type pull-and-place mode facilitates the incoming and outgoing materials to a greater extent.
u  Food-grade stainless steel cabinets are suitable for processing of various articles.
u  The bottom is inclined at a certain angle, and the height can be adjusted. An open and closed drainage device is set up to facilitate the drainage of the system and ensure the sanitation and cleanliness of the equipment.
u  Efficient cleaning device, hygiene and safety. The internal structure of easy cleaning and the necessary check-in door are designed to ensure the internal cleaning and food hygiene safety and prevent pollution.
u  A fully enclosed structure is adopted, and wind field pressure balance device is installed at the inlet and outlet ends to prevent the leakage of cold air, which has obvious energy saving effect.
2、technical parameter:
u  Quick freezing amount——100Kg-1000Kg/1h;
u  Pallet size - see below parameters
u  Operating Temperature - Room Temperature to ~-190℃ can be set at will
u  Minimum Temperature in Box――≤-190℃;
u  Precision of Temperature Control-Heating, Cooling and Constant Temperature±3℃;
u  Homogeneity of temperature field——±3℃;
u  Thickness of insulating layer - 120mm, ensure that the temperature of the external surface of the equipment is normal at high and low temperatures;
u  Liquid nitrogen system - including adiabatic pipe, control valve, nozzle and distributor. Liquid nitrogen is injected by multi-point injection to ensure the uniformity of well temperature.;
u  Air circulation system in the box - including motor, fan and air distribution device;
u  Micro-pressure relief valve - When the chamber pressure is slightly positive, the valve will discharge automatically.;
u  Electrical Control System - Variable Program Controller, Touch Screen, PLC, Alarm Instrument AC Contactor, Intermediate Relay, Knob Switch, etc.;
3、Installation parameters:
u  power——380V、50Hz、0.55kw;
u  Outline Dimensions of Equipment - See below Parameters

4、Composition of liquid nitrogen system:
u  Liquid nitrogen system - adiabatic pipe, control valve, nozzle and distributor, liquid nitrogen is injected by multi-point injection to ensure the uniformity of well temperature.
u  Liquid Nitrogen Solenoid Valve (imported from Germany) Ultra-low Temperature Solenoid Valve can ensure normal opening at-196℃
u  Liquid nitrogen nozzle - a liquid nitrogen nozzle consisting of hundreds of micro-holes, which fully gasifies liquid nitrogen. The gasified nitrogen sprays out from the nozzle and does not directly spray to the frozen articles, but circulates in the box, so that the atmosphere in the box is uniform.
u  The special high-efficiency and low-noise axial-flow fan for quick-freezing has the advantages of short return air distance, fast freezing speed and 85% higher efficiency than the ordinary freezing method.,
u  Unique wind field design makes the wind speed and temperature in the quick-frozen area more uniform and stable, reduces the resistance loss of the air duct to the air flow, reduces the power of the fan and reduces the consumption of cold energy.

Product:Sea cucumber liquid nitrogen quick freezer