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Liquid Nitrogen Quick-freezing Equipment for Crawfish

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Product Name:Liquid Nitrogen Quick-freezing Equipment for Crawfish


Liquid Nitrogen Quick-freezing Equipment for Crawfish

Liquid Nitrogen Quick-freezing Equipment for Crawfish
Technical parameters of products
.The temperature of the high temperature sterilizing device in the box can reach +121℃, which ensures that the bacteria are sufficiently killed.
.The transmission system adopts double pitch chain transmission device, equipped with famous-brand reducer and frequency converter to ensure the stability and reliability of the transmission system, and has a special design to prevent the belt from running off and jumping chain.
.Food grade stainless steel mesh belt, chain transmission mechanism, high strength chain, sprocket, not easy to wear, long life, good elasticity, high strength. Import frequency conversion speed regulation, quick-freezing time can be adjusted continuously according to different items, to adapt to the processing of a variety of items.
.The mesh belt mechanism adopts expansion structure adjustment and automatic repair device to prevent the mesh belt from deviating and relaxing, improve the stability of the mesh belt operation and prolong its service life.
.The bottom is inclined at a certain angle, and the height can be adjusted. An open and closed drainage device is set up to facilitate the drainage of the system and ensure the sanitation and cleanliness of the equipment.
.Efficient cleaning device, hygiene and safety. The internal structure of easy cleaning and the necessary check-in door are designed to ensure the internal cleaning and food hygiene safety and prevent pollution.
.A fully enclosed structure is adopted, and wind field pressure balance device is installed at the inlet and outlet ends to prevent the leakage of cold air, which has obvious energy saving effect.

2. Technical parameters:
.Quick freezing amount——200KG-5000Kg/1h;
.Working Temperature - Normal Temperature to ~-150℃ (+121C) can be set at will (+121C° is optional, additional charge is required)
.Minimum Temperature in Box――≤-150℃;
.Maximum cooling rate—— ≥ 10℃/min;
.Maximum heating rate—— ≥ 8℃/min(Defrosting or high temperature sterilization);
.Precision of Temperature Control-Heating, Cooling and Constant Temperature±5℃;
.Homogeneity of temperature field——±3℃;
.Thickness of insulating layer - 150 mm, ensure that the temperature of the external surface of the equipment is normal at high and low temperatures;
.Liquid nitrogen system - including adiabatic pipe, control valve, nozzle and distributor. Liquid nitrogen is injected by multi-point injection to ensure the uniformity of well temperature;
.Air circulation system in the box - including motor, fan and air distribution device;
.Micro-pressure relief valve - When the chamber pressure is slightly positive, the valve will discharge automatically.;
.Electrical Control System - Variable Program Controller, Touch Screen, PLC, Alarm Instrument AC Contactor, Intermediate Relay, Knob Switch, etc.;
3. Installation parameters:
.Outline Dimensions of Equipment - See below Parameters
.Effective Size - See the following parameters
4. Composition of liquid nitrogen system:
.The liquid nitrogen system includes liquid nitrogen tank (self-provided or optional by customers), pressurization system, adiabatic pipe, control valve, nozzle and distributor. The liquid nitrogen is injected by multi-point injection to ensure the uniformity of well temperature.
Liquid Nitrogen Solenoid Valve-JAKSA (German original import) ultra-low temperature solenoid valve can ensure normal opening at-196℃
.Liquid nitrogen nozzle - liquid nitrogen nozzle consisting of hundreds of micro-holes, which can fully gasify liquid nitrogen. The gasified nitrogen sprays out from the nozzle, not directly to the frozen goods, but circulates in the box, so that the atmosphere in the box is uniform and consistent;
.The special high efficiency and low noise axial flow fan for quick-freezing has the advantages of short return air distance, fast freezing speed and 40%-65% higher efficiency than the ordinary freezing method.,
.Unique wind field design makes the wind speed and temperature in the quick-frozen area more uniform and stable, reduces the resistance loss of the air duct to the air flow, reduces the power of the fan, and reduces the consumption of cold energy.。
5.Control System:
.This system adopts the control mode of touch screen + PLC, with touch screen or computer as the upper computer and PLC as the lower computer, which makes the operation and input of quick-freezing process more convenient, and can monitor the temperature change in the quick-freezing box in real time, and observe the process operation, and compare the set curve with the operation curve.
.An alarm device is installed to give an alarm when the door of the box is not closed.
.The system has two sets of functions, manual and automatic. It can be embodied in touch screen. It is easy to operate and reliable. The high and low temperature control of the two systems are regulated by PID, so that the accuracy of the equipment meets the requirements of the tender.
.Operating system - all English operation system; pre-input quick-freezing technology, no one operates after startup, the system will automatically cool, heat preservation, outgoing and other actions according to the process curve;
.Control instrument - touch screen + PLC + instrument control mode;
.Touch Screen-Taiwan/Kunlun General State
.Key switch - Japan IDEC (Hequan);
.Control knob - Japan IDEC (Hequan);
.Intermediate relay - Japan IDEC (Hequan);
.Temperature sensor - PT100; (Germany)
.AC contactor - German SIEMENS (Siemens);
.Air circuit breaker - German SIEMENS (Siemens);
.Liquid nitrogen solenoid valve - JAKSA (imported from Germany);
6. Random quantities of essential goods, accessories and tools:
.One automatic control box.
.Stainless steel insulation hose;
.One certificate of qualification;
.One product instruction.
.One Equipment Maintenance Manual.
.Electrical Principle of Cryogenic Box 1.

7.after-sales service:
.The equipment is guaranteed for one year and maintained for life.
.Free equipment technical training for relevant personnel of the buyer.
.The warranty period shall be one year from the date on which the installation equipment is completed and the final acceptance by the buyer is qualified.
.Any problems arising during the warranty period (except irresistible and man-made factors) shall be borne by the supplier and solved in time.
.If the equipment can not be used normally due to quality reasons, the supplier will come to the site for maintenance within 12 hours.

Product:Liquid Nitrogen Quick-freezing Equipment for Crawfish