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Common methods of cryogenic surface treatment

Writer:XINFENGLI      Pubdate:2019-01-14

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There are many methods of surface treatment. In addition to several common methods, what other methods are unfamiliar to us?

Mainly mechanical, chemical, electrochemical and physical methods. The main methods are as follows:

(1) Painting: The process of coating (organic or inorganic) on the surface of workpiece by idle spraying or brushing is called painting, such as spraying, painting, etc.

(2) Impact plating: the process of forming coating on the surface of workpiece by mechanical impact of aluminium surface treatment additives, aluminium oxidation processing and aluminium surface treatment additives, is called impact plating, such as impact galvanizing.

(3) Laser surface treatment: The process of changing the structure of a workpiece by irradiating it with a laser is called laser surface treatment, such as laser quenching and laser remelting.

(4) Ultra-hard film technology: The technology of preparing super-hard film on workpiece surface by physical or chemical methods is called super-hard film technology. Such as diamond film, cubic boron nitride film, etc.

(5) Electrophoresis and electrostatic spraying: cryogenic box, cryogenic treatment, liquid nitrogen cryogenic box, ultra-cryogenic box, cryogenic equipment, cryogenic furnace, cryogenic treatment equipment, cryogenic assembly equipment, cryogenic environment box

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